You might already figure out that I'm Cherie, born in the land of smile, spent half of my childhood there and the other half in the land of blondes. This blog is not about fashion, what's "hot" or "not". I think I've finally found my purpose in everything, spreading positive energy and just be. This blog is about how I see the world through my eyes. Just an ordinary girl who needs to focus, be in the moment and just take life as it is. I'm imptient and quite naive, I like to think that love, understanding and positive thinking will solve every problem in the world. Welcome to my reality. To all my haters, I only have love to give. ♥ Don't be shy, if there's anything you want to know, reach me at I'll do my best to try to answer the questions.

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April 09 ~ 16:22
Dawgs, this is awesome. My aunt told me that there's a park nearby our house, so I took my daily run overthere. Now I don't need my cousin to take me to the park in town. Awesome man. J-dawg thinks I'm crazy that I'm running in Thailand. It's like 35° in the air... Well, I have to do what I love to do (which is: eating) haha. No kidding.
Last saturday, we went to the local market and I went berserk on fruites and vegetables. (OMNOMNOM) So I did a lovely smoothie as a recover. It was delicious, man. It was so good I wanted to ask it out for a date, flirt with it a little bit, and then go all the way. I was a bit sad when I realized I ate all the watermelon-leftovers...
I used:
* 1.5 kilo of  half frozen watermelon 
* 2,5 tablespoons of juice from some kind of citrus fruite. You can either use lime or lemon. I used something called "orange garde". Looks like lime from the outside...
* 1 dragon fruite
* 2 tablespoons of grandpa's honey. (eco)
Then I just mixed it all together. T-bear (my cousin) did not like it, haha. But if you asked me, it was one hell of a recovery. I must be some kind of smoothie angel... Hehe. 
Note to self: Remember mint next time, I think that will make my awesome smoothie even more awesome. AND, buy a frickin' bikecicle already.... 
Z-dawg, you're awesome. No man, YOU are awesome!
Published 09-04-2013 in the category Food

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