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No habla español

March 21 ~ 23:40
Crazy. I almost panicked today when I was at the supermarket to find some cottage cheese, which I forgot to buy, and my creditcard didn't work. But luckily enough, there was an ATM nearby, thank goodness... 
Anyway, I found quark (some sort of cheese apparently), oatmeal and soymilk! Everything didn't fit in my hands for the picture, unfortunately.. Haha. 
This excited over some food! Yeah, I know, I'm easily impressed... 
Oh, and yeah, I didn't act like a tourist like I said I was going to, except for when I told the cashier that I didn't speak spanish. I have to get to bed now, a lot to explore tomorrow. Harold, Kumar and I are saying "buenas noches" from Zaragoza.
Published 21-03-2013 in the category Food

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